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China Government January 20, 2009 01:51 PM Missouri Time

Obama, Please let us attack Taiwan...

Xinhua News

China has asked Obama for permission to attack Taiwan.  Well not in so many words but the meaning comes through clearly."Facing the current difficulties in military relations, we call for the United States to take concrete measures to remove the obstacles," Defense Ministry spokesman Hu Changming said.

They are upset that the Bush administration sold arms to Taiwan so they could protect themselves.  The question will be if Obama cares about Taiwan and freedom.  When you have a President who is closer in political philosophy to the ChiComs then he is to the founders of the American Constitution, one has to wonder.  Will he throw Taiwan under the bus as he has done with so many others for his own political gains or will he just turn a blind eye and let Taiwan fall into the clutches of the the red hordes. 

Time will tell.

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China Government April 29, 2008 01:08 PM Missouri Time

Arms shipments to Zimbabwe benefit new Mandarins; Chinese people, not so much

An article in The Sunday Times uncovers more about that shipment of arms intended for Robert Mugabe's thugs in Zimbabwe. It is a bit more than the PTB in China would like for you to know.
Company documents show that Poly Technologies, the manufacturer of the weapons on board the ship, is ultimately controlled by a clique from China’s preeminent military clans with close ties to the Communist party leadership and army.


On paper, Poly Technologies is a subsidiary of the China International Trust and Investment Corporation. Analysts of Chinese financial affairs say, however, that Poly is actually a front for an elite within the country’s military-industrial complex and that it reports to the general staff department of the People’s Liberation Army.

“People call it the supreme headquarters of the China princeling party,” commented one analyst. “It’s a power centre beyond civilian control.”
I've often wondered about the strategy behind China's involvement with world pariahs like Mugabe, Hugo Chavez, and the Islamocrats in Sudan. Turns out it's not about what's good for China, but only what's good for "the princelings".

HT: Michele Malkin

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China Government April 17, 2008 05:57 AM Missouri Time

The West is bad because China has Improved Infant Mortality Rate?

The Chinese are just going nuts now on way to prove that the west is just anti-China and not really pro-Tibet.
This posted on Shanghai Daily
by Gideon Polya
Intersting mand this Polya guy.  He is very anti-west. Click on his name to see some of his articles. He could probable get elected on the Democratic ticket. But this is the guy the Chinese have trotted out to be the "authority".  Read on.

THERE is an anti-China geo-political agenda behind the hypocritical US-, UK-, EU- and Australian criticisms of China over Tibet.

Wait a minute.  I remember posting an article from this same news site saying that the US, UK, and Australia where supporting China because they will not boycott the Olympics.  Which is it?  Did you accidently let some truth out again in your over zealousness.

The most fundamental human right is the right to life.

No argument there.  In fact you say that this is what most people have been arguing.  That the Tibetans have no right to be alive.  If they disagree with anything China says or does to them then they must be killed. No right to life.  Ask the 3 million or so that Mao did away with.  They had no right to life.


Posted by: Smellyfish at 05:57 AM

China Government April 15, 2008 08:39 PM Missouri Time

FM: China strongly denounces CNN host's insulting words

Xinhua News

BEIJING, April 15 (Xinhua) -- China is shocked by and strongly condemns CNN host Jack Cafferty's remarks, which maliciously attacked the Chinese people, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said at a regular press briefing on Tuesday.

SHANGHAI, April 15 (WhiteDevil) -- The U.S. is shocked by and strongly condemns China's Hu Jintao's dictatorship which maliciously attacked the Tibetan people, WhiteDevil spokesman WhiteDevil said at a regular posting on his blog Wednesday.

Cafferty said in a TV show on April 9 that the Chinese products are "junk" and the Chinese people "basically the same bunch of goons and thugs they've been for the last 50 years".

Hu Jintao said on a TV show in April that the Tibetans are products of junk and the Tibetan people "are basically the same stupid sub-humans and primitives they've been for the last 50 years".


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China Government April 03, 2008 09:13 AM Missouri Time

China strongly discontented with U.S. House Speaker Pelosi's statement on Beijing Olympics (Boo Freaking Hoo)

BEIJING, April 3 (Xinhua) -- China is seriously concerned about and strongly discontented with a reported statement by the U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on the Beijing Olympics, said a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson here Thursday.

    The spokesperson Jiang Yu made the remarks when asked to comment on the statement in which Pelosi said "I believe that International Olympic Committee made a mistake in awarding the 2008 Summer Games to China."

As much as I dislike her, and I know it may be all politics, she is saying the right the right things


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China Government March 27, 2008 01:55 AM Missouri Time

China Bans Horror Movies

Shanghai Daily

Young movie fans in China are thumbing their noses at the Government over its ban of horror movies.  The Chinese Government banned these movies last month with a statement from The General Administration of Press and Publications (GAPP).  I Think it is truely amazing how out of touch the Chinese Government is with its own people and the world.  Surely the GAPP knows that the people will just download the movies or buy the illegal DVDs.   One student said "The ban won't make much difference," says Yang. "We'll just download our movies from the Internet."


Posted by: White Devil at 01:55 AM

Tibet March 19, 2008 11:39 PM Missouri Time

Don't play 'Tibet card' as game gets dangerous

Shanghai Daily
SOMEWHERE in the world, there must be a humane way to check violence and terror.

Otherwise, how could there be an uproar of condemnations and calls for restraint when China quieted down the riot in Lhasa with just limited tear gas and warning gun shots?
The peaceful Chinese just trying to help those lost, enslaved Tibetans.  How horrible of us to be critical.  Read on, this gets good.  I really wonder what world these people live in.  OH wait. I know, I live there.

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China Government March 04, 2008 10:22 AM Missouri Time

The Great Fire Wall of China

“The Connection Has Been Reset” By James Fallows

any foreigners who come to China for the Olympics will use the Internet to tell people back home what they have seen and to check what else has happened in the world.

The first thing they’ll probably notice is that China’s Internet seems slow. Partly this is because of congestion in China’s internal networks, which affects domestic and international transmissions alike. Partly it is because even electrons take a detectable period of time to travel beneath the Pacific Ocean to servers in America and back again; the trip to and from Europe is even longer, because that goes through America, too. And partly it is because of the delaying cycles imposed by China’s system that monitors what people are looking for on the Internet, especially when they’re looking overseas. That’s what foreigners have heard about.

I can personally attest to this.  There are many a night when I can not seem to get any American web pages.  I can get the Chinese ones fine so I know something is up.  Even worse is when Fox news or some other big news outlet has something really bad about China on the front page. I may not be able to get to it at all.  Well thats not entirely true. Me and most of the computer savvy Chinese youth can use a proxy server to get around any block in about 5 seconds.  Thats how I get to many sites. 

Go read the rest...

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Tibet February 27, 2008 03:16 AM Missouri Time

New Book Looks Unflinchingly at 1959-79 Tibet

Radio Free Asia

When Chinese troops suppressed a nationalist uprising in Tibet’s capital city Lhasa in 1959, a curtain came down over Tibet. Thousands were killed in fighting across the country or vanished into labor camps and jails—where many died from illness, overwork, or starvation.

Now, a Tibetan survivor of those events has released an account of them in English translation.

Tubten Khetsun’s Memories of Life in Lhasa Under Chinese Rule, published in 2008 by Columbia University Press, details the author’s experiences in Chinese prisons and as a forced laborer on state-run construction sites and farms from 1959-79.
Read More At Radio Free Asia

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China Government February 24, 2008 09:08 PM Missouri Time

Hospitals hiring medical agents to cheat patients

Shanghai Daily Web


(This is reported on the Shanghai Daily Web site.  The story starts out about some simple food poisoning but if you keep reading the real story will come out.  Chinese doctors cheat their patients on a daily basis.  They are given low pay and this is how they make money.  My wife is always frustrated when I wont let her buy some of the medicine the doctor ask her to buy.  I always tell the doctors we will only take western medicine.  This make them very very ANGRY because they cant get a kick back from this.)

SEVENTY-TWO employees from Shanghai Donnelley Printing Co Ltd in Qingpu District suffered suspected food poisoning yesterday, said Shanghai Food and Drug Administration.

No patients had serious complications and all victims have left hospital after treatment, officials said.

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