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China Government February 24, 2008 09:08 PM Missouri Time

Hospitals hiring medical agents to cheat patients

Shanghai Daily Web


(This is reported on the Shanghai Daily Web site.  The story starts out about some simple food poisoning but if you keep reading the real story will come out.  Chinese doctors cheat their patients on a daily basis.  They are given low pay and this is how they make money.  My wife is always frustrated when I wont let her buy some of the medicine the doctor ask her to buy.  I always tell the doctors we will only take western medicine.  This make them very very ANGRY because they cant get a kick back from this.)

SEVENTY-TWO employees from Shanghai Donnelley Printing Co Ltd in Qingpu District suffered suspected food poisoning yesterday, said Shanghai Food and Drug Administration.

No patients had serious complications and all victims have left hospital after treatment, officials said.
Local FDA's Qingpu branch has collected dish samples provided by Shanghai Hongyang Food and Drink Management Co, the only food provider to Donnelley.
(This kind of thing happens a lot in China.  There are very few places have any kind of health standards.   No gloves, hairnets, clean water for washing dishes. Etc.)

Officials are conducting an investigation into Hongyang's operation process and food preparation staff. The food company's workshop has been shut temporarily.
(Shut down until they pay a nice little fine and some kick back to the investigator.)

At about 2am yesterday, some Donnelley employees suffered symptoms including diarrhea and belly ache and were sent to Zhongshan Hospital's Qingpu branch.
(Although, in China with their socialized meds.  Chinese go to the hospital for even the littlest thing.  My wife goes nuts when I wont go to the hospital when I have a stuffy nose.)

At 1pm, a total of 72 people had visited the hospital, which gave 40 patients intravenous therapy and 32 oral medication.
(Again this means nothing.  If you go to the hospital in China for almost anything they are going to give you intravenous something.  They have entire floors dedicated to this.  I always feel so sorry to walk by the kids area and see 100s of children with needles in their foreheads.)

All patients were investigated by the district FDA.

Officials from Shanghai Food and Drug Administration said victims had eaten lunch and supper provided by Hongyang on Saturday. Employees in other shifts ate different dishes and didn't report any symptoms.

Hongyang, a Qingpu district food maker, served 3,141 sets of lunch for 39 enterprises and 1,400 sets of supper for 24 enterprises on Saturday.

Donnelley was the only client with staff suffering food poisoning.

Meanwhile, local authorities caught 181 illegal medical agents and investigated 38 cases involving hospitals hiring medical agents to cheat patients last year.

(ok to me this is the big story buried deeply in the not so important story.  This is very common in China.  The doctors have a deal with the Chinese Medicine witch doctors.  They tell the patient they need all these meds that don't really do anything.  They patient buys them and the doctor gets a kick back.  It is also important to note that a doctor in China only needs a Masters Degree.  Some doctors only have 4 years of schooling.)

Three private medical facilities had their licenses canceled for violations, officials from the Shanghai Health Bureau said yesterday.

Cooperating with police, food and drug administration and other government departments, the bureau kicked off a campaign against illegal medical agents last year, when the authorities warned 15 hospitals, confiscated illegal profits, and imposed fines of more than 84,000 yuan (US$11,760).

(If you really want to put a nail in the socialized medicine coffin all you have to do is spend a day in a Chinese hospital.  Some day I will tell you the story of my wife having our baby.  It will bring you to tears.   The bathrooms are filthy,  The nurses are smoking and your lucky if you see a doctor in 10 hours. Lets do it, lets get this kind of intensive, caring medical care in America.)

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