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DucksCantFly April 10, 2008 09:57 PM Missouri Time

Ducks Can’t Fly and Other things Chinese people know.

In our last installment of Ducks Cant Fly we talked about a few things that Chinese people think they know but are absolutely ridiculous.  Like the fact that ducks cant fly.  In this installment we I will talk about some study habits and thinks Chinese students think they know.

1.  You can not study or read while you are eating.  One day during class at a major university in Xi'an my students ask me how they can get better at English.  I suggested reading their English books and only speaking English with each other at lunch.  This met with unanimous disapproval.  They told me with straight faces that they could not study or practice English at lunch because it was "bad for their health" and would cause them to have bad stomaches.

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DucksCantFly March 26, 2008 11:34 PM Missouri Time

Ducks Can’t Fly and Other things Chinese people know.

I was surprised to find out that ducks cant fly.  Growing up in a small Missouri town of 800 people I was sure that I had seen ducks flying.  My father would tell me that he was going duck hunting, and while I never went duck hunting many of my friends also said they had went.  They told me stories of how they would go to the lake, set up their duck blinds and wait.  They would wait for the ducks to come flying in and then take their shots.  Little did I know that they all where in on a big lie.  Ducks can’t fly.  I learned this from my students in China by accident.  I had thrown some flash cards of animals on the floor and asked my students to give me the ones that could fly.  I got a bird and I got a bat but none of the children picked up the duck.  I told them that ducks could fly and to give it to me.  They refused.  Brimming with confidence that I rarely see in my Chinese students they steadfastly assured me that ducks couldn’t fly.

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