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Tibet March 19, 2008 11:39 PM Missouri Time

Don't play 'Tibet card' as game gets dangerous

Shanghai Daily
SOMEWHERE in the world, there must be a humane way to check violence and terror.

Otherwise, how could there be an uproar of condemnations and calls for restraint when China quieted down the riot in Lhasa with just limited tear gas and warning gun shots?
The peaceful Chinese just trying to help those lost, enslaved Tibetans.  How horrible of us to be critical.  Read on, this gets good.  I really wonder what world these people live in.  OH wait. I know, I live there.
But I was surprised and disappointed to find, when I Googled to search for a hint of such an unusual resort, that a weapon loaded with humanity is still something beyond reach on this planet, be it in countries that were troubled by suburban youth riots and horrified by underground blasts, or in a utopia claiming the best human rights record, which likes to wage wars against terrorism and tyranny.
I am guessing that the Utopia he is speaking of is the U.S.   The U.S. who has killed and imprisoned all the members of Code Pink and all the other protesters who call for the overthrow of the U.S.  HMMM wait a minute he may actually be on to something here.  And how did he use google?  did he look up the word freedom, liberty,  Free Taiwan. oh no he didn't because he cant. he lives in China.  Those words do not exist on the internet.

The Google search failure suggested another puzzle: Why was China put under such pressure after it did what any other country would do to restore order on a piece of its own land?
Ahh finally to the point.  "restore order on a piece of its own land"  Talking to my students, they really do not know that world does not consider Tibet part of China.  Who's fault is that.  I do not blame China. I blame the U.S. and any other country that will bow down to Chinese pressure just for trading rights.  China forces all trading partners to accept that Taiwan and Tibet are part of China.  This is the very argument they use against me or any other who argues that it isn't.   I am so tired of hearing.  Well your government says its part of China.  WELL they are right and OUR GOVERNMENT is wrong.  So because of the U.S. and other western Governments wanting to trade with China, the people and culture of Tibet must DIE!

Simply because it's China and it's Tibet Autonomous Region, I think.
Yes,  yes you are right.  Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Some people, organizations and countries seem conditioned to oppose anything that China does in Tibet, either because of their ignorance of the whole story about the roof of the world or a habitual Cold-war mentality to contain China.
Now your completely wrong.  We oppose anything that China does in Tibet because we know exactly the whole story.  The murder, the rape, the genocide that comes from China.  My students used an argument with me that the Qin Dynasty sent a governor to Tibet in the 1800s so therefore Tibet is part of China. I then mention that the Qin Dynasty gave Taiwan to Japan.  Without blinking an eye they will say.  Oh but we don't agree with that one so it doesn't count.  Basically China will say anything to prove they are right.  Even make stuff up and make statements that make no logical sense when taken in the whole.

So they jumped out, calling for boycotts and condemnations against the Chinese government, which took legitimate actions to safeguard the security of its people, but turning a blind eye to those rioters and arsonists.
Ok, he lets one slip here.  So the Government protected the Chinese people but the rioters and arsonist are not Chinese people.  They are Tibetans.  OOPS.  so you admit not wanting to protect the Tibetans but only the Chinese people who you sent there to take the jobs and homes of the Tibetans you killed.  We must all remember that Tibetan homes and shops did not get attacked. Only Han Chinese shops.  The shops that used to be Tibetans.  The shops who have Tibetan blood on the walls.

Politicians and pressure groups in Western countries have been playing Tibet as a card to win support from a voting and vocal public that are misled by the stereotyped ''bad-man-bullies-good-man'' media reports, or to serve the good of the interest groups behind them.
1 million soldiers killing 100s of protesters.  No bullies here.

On the other hand, the Dalai Lama has reaped a third-party benefit from foreign interventions into the Tibet issue, expanding the living space for his secession campaign.
That evil Dalai Lama who has tried to peacefully get his country back for 50 years.  How horrible of him to want to meditate and pray for his countries freedom. 

The card players must alert themselves to a dangerous prospect: As their appeasement has groomed a group of radicals among the Dalai Lama clique, the Tibet card will one day become a thorn, instead of a cat's paw, in their hands, as in the case of the formation of some terrorist forces.
You see, we caused the Tibetans to riot because we raise our voices when the Chinese try to eliminate the Tibetan people. Damn us! If we would just sit here, shut up and let the Chinese kill those people there would be no problems at all. 

If the international community does not contain the radicals, they will sooner or later evolve into a more dangerous force, posing security threats to the region and further afield.
International Community.  Ok, I agree we should send an international U.N. force into Tibet to stem the violance there.  NO, oh the what is the international community supposed to do.  OH yes, I forgot.  Shut up and let you kill those people.

As long as the international community acknowledges Tibet is part of China, as all countries that have diplomatic relations with China actually do, the Tibet issue will remain a card, and only a card but nothing else, in the hands of certain Western pressure groups.
Exactly the point.  Why do our Governments condone this.  As long as western Governments say that Tibet is part of China.  Then the blood of these people is on their hands.  It is on OUR hands.

They should also be aware that China will never brook any separatist activities.
The obligatory warning that China will kill us all if Taiwan states the fact that they are now and have been an independent country since 1949.

It's time to end the card games.
Please relax, sit back and when all these pesky Tibetans are dead the problem will go away.

(The author is a senior writer at Xinhua news agency.)

Posted by: White Devil at 11:39 PM

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