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Tibet February 27, 2008 03:16 AM Missouri Time

New Book Looks Unflinchingly at 1959-79 Tibet

Radio Free Asia

When Chinese troops suppressed a nationalist uprising in Tibet’s capital city Lhasa in 1959, a curtain came down over Tibet. Thousands were killed in fighting across the country or vanished into labor camps and jails—where many died from illness, overwork, or starvation.

Now, a Tibetan survivor of those events has released an account of them in English translation.

Tubten Khetsun’s Memories of Life in Lhasa Under Chinese Rule, published in 2008 by Columbia University Press, details the author’s experiences in Chinese prisons and as a forced laborer on state-run construction sites and farms from 1959-79.
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It is always intersting when I bring this subject up in class. My students are always in wide eye wonder that people in the world do not think that Tibet belongs to China.  They have been taught that China saved the Tibetan people from and evil  political system and brought them back to their rightful family.   After presented with the facts they will fall back into their programming.  "Its China's business not America's"  They truly believe that anything China does is an internal Chinese problem and no one else has the right to say anything or do anything about it.

internal Chinese problem.
internal Chinese problem.
internal Chinese problem.
Human rights,
internal Chinese problem.
internal Chinese problem.
Slave labor,
internal Chinese problem.
Anything we do that is bad,
internal Chinese problem.

I do see some of my students waking up.  Hopefully China will let me stay here long enough to do some good.

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