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Culture January 24, 2009 07:05 PM Missouri Time


There are many ways we get stereotypes.  We get them from our parents and the things they teach us.  We get them from our peer groups and what they teach us.  We get them from books, T.V., movies, etc.  But the one place we get stereotypes that we seldom hear about is the very people or things we have stereotypes about.  I bring this up because of a recent article I read about a movie that is playing in theaters right now.  The reviewer said it was a great movie but it played to racial stereotypes.  What stereotypes are being portrayed in the movie?  Well the most basic ones.  Young black men wearing baggy clothes, speaking English poorly and acting like criminals. 


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Culture March 10, 2008 03:05 AM Missouri Time

Having an "I Hate Chinese People Day"

Definition of Chinese person (Anyone who is a citizen of China and has parents and grandparents that are citizens of China.)  By no means am I saying Asians in generally.

Even though I have lived and worked in China for 4 years,  I have a Chinese wife and a half Chinese baby.  I still have "I hate Chinese people" days.   These happen 2 or 3 times a month actually so they are not rare occurrences.  Some of this can be blamed on my impatient temper but most of it is caused by the Chinese people themselves.   Their attitude on life and how you treat others.  I do not know what the Chinese where like before the revolution but I do know what they are like now.  I have lived in 3 Chinese cites, two in the interior of China and have visited 7 different provinces.  I have been to the biggest cites and the smallest villages.  I have seen the richest people and the poorest.  I have seen students, businessmen, farmers,  politicians,  mayors and governors.  There seems to be one thread that connects them all.  This thread is the complete disregard for anyone else except their friends and family.


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Culture February 19, 2008 03:05 AM Missouri Time

Its Spring Time for Mao...

Well I woke up today and walked outside and there was a smell in the air.  Not the cold wind blown smell of winter but the fresh, renewing smell of spring. 

So in the light of a new year beginning and it being spring I just want to highlight some of the wonderful things out of China last year and hope we don't have a repeat of them this year.

(click the links bellow)

China Sells Organs (an not pipe organs, we talking kidneys and other yucky stuff).

Slave labor in Xi'an (I lived in Xi'an I will never go back)

Poison Toothpaste (Bad breath or death. hmm hard choice)

Lead Toys (Paint chips to Ultra Man, thats evolution)

Arresting Bloggers (Gulp. I am a blogger)

Genocide in Sudan (Please ignore Sudan, we get blood *cough* oil from there


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Culture February 14, 2008 12:27 AM Missouri Time

Death toll tops 100 in wake of snow disaster

Death toll tops 100 in wake of snow disaster
Shanghai Daily Web page.

Pic outsie my house in Shanghai

CHINA'S worst snowstorms in five decades have killed at least 107 people nationwide while economic losses topped 111.1 billion yuan (US$15.48 billion) as of Tuesday, Civil Affairs Minister Li Xueju said yesterday.
Eight people are still missing.

(I can personally attest to this storm.  It hardly ever snows in Shanghai but this year it snowed for almost 10 days straight.  This is over Chinese New Year.  Travel was insane at best.)


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