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Piratedvd May 16, 2008 02:47 AM Missouri Time

DVD Review "Enchanted"

Director: Kevin Lima

CastAmy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, Timothy Spall, Rachel Covey, Susan Sarandon

I passed by this movie many times.  I thought maybe it would be to sugary for me.  It was very sugary but I watched it at the perfect time.  Now that my wife and son are far away in America this kind of movie appeals to me. 

Basically this is the old tried and true Disney cartoon with one twist.  They come to the real world like in the movie "Cool World" The plot is not hard to figure out and in fact you pretty much know everything that is going to happen 20 minutes into the movie.  It is still very funny and a great movie for the family.  There are a few scenes where they allude to sex but will probable pass right over your child's head.  

The animation was fun and I liked the fact that they poked fun at themselves a bit in this movie.  It is probable the most enjoyable movie I have seen in some time.

If you like romance, dragons and pretty girls then this movie is for you.  It made me cry.

White Devils Grade: 4.5 Dumplings
DVD Quality:  5 Dumplings
Story: 4 Dumplings
Acting: 4 Dumplings
Effects: 5 Dumplings

Posted by: White Devil at 02:47 AM

Piratedvd May 11, 2008 06:45 AM Missouri Time

10,000 BC

DVD Title: 10,000 BC
Roland Emmerich
Cast: Steven Strait,Camilla Belle,Cliff Curtis

Today I bought and watched the pirated DVD of 10,000 BC.   I had waited a long time for th is DVD to come  out.  I could have bought the earlier versions of it but they would have probable just been  videos taken of the screen with a hand held camera.  This is fine for some  movies but any movie that has good cinematography or special effects its best to wait till the actual DVD copy comes out. 

As to the movie.  To tell you the truth I was a little disappointed.   This story has been done over and over.  Recently  with Mel Gibson in Apocalypto.
I was more than a bit confused as to where the location of the story took place.  I know mammoths where in North America and there where some cousins in Asia.  However, the fact that there where sabor tooth tigers in the movie tells me this is supposed to be in North America.   Thus my confusion when there where African tribes living in a  place they surely should not have been.  Is this just an accident or was it done for some sort of affirmative action  or something.  Who knows. 

White Devils Grade: 2.5 Dumplings
DVD Quality:  4 Dumplings
Story: 2 Dumplings
Acting: 2 Dumplings
Effects: 4 Dumplings

Posted by: White Devil at 06:45 AM

Piratedvd April 10, 2008 08:07 AM Missouri Time

New Feature: Pirated DVD Movie Reviews...

Seeing how I live in China and one of the main things I can do to kill the boredom is watch movies I have started a movie review section.  However, this is China so the movies I buy are all pirated.  Do I feel like a thief, hmm No not really. Do I feel a little guilty at all.  NOPE not one bit.  To tell the truth I enjoy the 5 rmb(75 cent) move purchase.  So on to the first review.

DVD Title: "The Golden Compass"
Director:  Chris Weitz
Cast: Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, Dakota Blue Richards


Posted by: White Devil at 08:07 AM

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