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Ask March 24, 2008 09:23 PM Missouri Time

Ask the Students (1)

Posted by Lucius Vorenus

QUESTIONS: Do you know people in Mainland China who are Christians? Can they talk about their Christianity in public, or must they speak about it only in private?

Do you know people in Taiwan who are Christians? If so, can they talk about their Christianity in public, or are they ridiculed by their secular friends?

Is it safe yet for a Chinese person to be Christian, or must Chinese people still practice their Christianity only in secrecy?

If you and your friends are not Christians, then what do you think of Christians?


Posted by: White Devil at 09:23 PM

Ask March 24, 2008 09:18 PM Missouri Time

Ask The Students (2)

Lucius Vorenus  posted this question

IQ and the Wealth of Nations

Rank  Country      IQ
1     Hong Kong    107
2     South Korea  106
3     Japan        105
4     Taiwan       104
5     Singapore    103

List of countries and territories by fertility rate

Rank  Country      2000  2007
207   South Korea  1.72  1.28
214   Japan        1.41  1.23
219   Taiwan       1.76  1.12
220   Singapore    1.16  1.07
221   Macau        1.30  1.03
222   Hong Kong    1.27  0.98

QUESTION: Why have the peoples of the Pacific Rim, who are among the smartest in the world, stopped making babies, and why were they making vastly fewer babies in 2007 than they were a mere seven years earlier, in 2000?

Which is to say: The Pacific Rim is not only dying, but its death continues to accelerate. Why is this?


Posted by: White Devil at 09:18 PM

Ask March 07, 2008 01:41 AM Missouri Time

Ask The Chinese Students part 3 (March 6)


Question: If the people of the Pacific Rim are so smart why cant they invent their own things instead of stealing it from America and reverse engineering them.

First off the tone of this question is a little mean.  The students are not doing this, the people are not doing this in general.  Its the government and many of the business.  However, in fairness I will ask any and all questions you guys want me to ask.  Remember, the questions you ask reflect on America and Americans.  So here we go with the answer.  Many will surprise you I think.

Daisy said "Many inventions from China where stolen by the west"  I asked her which ones and she repllied "The compass, guns, etc"  To which I replied "Have we stolen anything in the last 500 Years?"  she laughed and said she could not think of any.


Posted by: White Devil at 01:41 AM

Ask March 07, 2008 01:28 AM Missouri Time

Ask the Chinese Students Part 2 (March 6)


A few years back a chinese pilot ran into an American patrol plane and crashed. His name was Wong Wei and was the butt of jokes across the world becasue in english his name sounded like Wrong Way.

Question: How did that make you feel? Did you notice that it angered your communist parents?

Most of my students did remember this happening and a few actually  remembered that his name was kind of funny.  At first hey didn't realize that by making fun of the mans name we where actually making fun of the way people talked.  At first most said they didn't care but after thinking about it they said it probable would have made them a little mad.  As to their parents they said that they probable didn't even understand what was going on.  To tell you all the truth, I have lived her a long time and most Chinese can make the R sound just find.  They have a very similar sound in Chinese.  Its only certain parts of China where this sound is hard to make.  Many of the people from souther to southern cent. China have a hard time with the R and N sounds, they are both pronounced mostly like and L sound. 

Posted by: White Devil at 01:28 AM

Ask March 07, 2008 01:17 AM Missouri Time

Ask the Chinese Students(March 6)


What is the penalty for bypassing your mentors firewall?
Will you be arrested and subject to organ harvesting for that infraction?

This question took a little while to explain.  First we had to talk about firewalls and punishments for breaking the law.  Finally these are the answers I got.

Mark said:  I have no idea what the punishment is.  What do you mean selling organs?

Melody said: I don't know.  Where did you hear that China sells organs?


Posted by: White Devil at 01:17 AM

Ask March 05, 2008 02:58 AM Missouri Time

Ask the Chinese Students (Post Questions )


Please post your questions to my students in the comments section below.  All questions will be answered on Friday.  Thanks guys.

Posted by: White Devil at 02:58 AM

Ask February 24, 2008 08:12 PM Missouri Time

Ask The Students (2/25)


Todays Question:  If you could travel to any country in the world - where would it be and why?

Posted by: White Devil at 08:12 PM

Ask February 22, 2008 09:14 AM Missouri Time

Ask the Students (02/22)


We have our first question exchange at White Devil Red Angel.

We started this new feature yesterday and tonight I asked my students the question that was posted on my site.  The question comes from laotzu. 


Posted by: White Devil at 09:14 AM

Ask February 21, 2008 07:29 AM Missouri Time

New Feature (Ask The Students)


I have decided to make an area where you the reader can ask my students a question.  Any questions asked in this area will be given to my students to answer and I will post their answer.  I can not let them directly answer because China might smack their pee pees.  Also in this area I will have the students ask you questions.  This should be fun! All you have to do is leave comments in this message area and I will have your answers probable within 24 hours.  You can also email your questions to us if you like

Posted by: White Devil at 07:29 AM

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