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China Government April 29, 2008 01:08 PM Missouri Time

Arms shipments to Zimbabwe benefit new Mandarins; Chinese people, not so much

An article in The Sunday Times uncovers more about that shipment of arms intended for Robert Mugabe's thugs in Zimbabwe. It is a bit more than the PTB in China would like for you to know.
Company documents show that Poly Technologies, the manufacturer of the weapons on board the ship, is ultimately controlled by a clique from China’s preeminent military clans with close ties to the Communist party leadership and army.


On paper, Poly Technologies is a subsidiary of the China International Trust and Investment Corporation. Analysts of Chinese financial affairs say, however, that Poly is actually a front for an elite within the country’s military-industrial complex and that it reports to the general staff department of the People’s Liberation Army.

“People call it the supreme headquarters of the China princeling party,” commented one analyst. “It’s a power centre beyond civilian control.”
I've often wondered about the strategy behind China's involvement with world pariahs like Mugabe, Hugo Chavez, and the Islamocrats in Sudan. Turns out it's not about what's good for China, but only what's good for "the princelings".

HT: Michele Malkin

Posted by: ClaireChennault at 01:08 PM

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