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China Government January 20, 2009 01:51 PM Missouri Time

Obama, Please let us attack Taiwan...

Xinhua News

China has asked Obama for permission to attack Taiwan.  Well not in so many words but the meaning comes through clearly."Facing the current difficulties in military relations, we call for the United States to take concrete measures to remove the obstacles," Defense Ministry spokesman Hu Changming said.

They are upset that the Bush administration sold arms to Taiwan so they could protect themselves.  The question will be if Obama cares about Taiwan and freedom.  When you have a President who is closer in political philosophy to the ChiComs then he is to the founders of the American Constitution, one has to wonder.  Will he throw Taiwan under the bus as he has done with so many others for his own political gains or will he just turn a blind eye and let Taiwan fall into the clutches of the the red hordes. 

Time will tell.

Posted by: White Devil at 01:51 PM

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