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GOP January 23, 2009 03:53 PM Missouri Time

Is it Time for a New Party...

I have been pondering this for over a year now.  I consider myself a conservative, not a Republican.   I always vote republican because they are generally the only conservative option.  As of late though I am not seeing a conservative option anywhere.  Cant say that the GOP is conservative.  Not after all the spending during the Bush years.  Now that all the pigs on the farm ar rushing to bail out failed businesses, wish they would bail out my college loans, it seems I have no one to vote for.

Posted by: White Devil at 03:53 PM

GOP February 22, 2008 09:35 AM Missouri Time

Conservative Cry Babies.


Ok lets get this clear right off the bat.  NO ONE and I mean almost no one is as conservative as me.  I am born and bread conservative.  Love the U.S. hate taxes and the federal government.  I am a States rights, don't take my gun away, and keep your homo agenda off my kid conservative.  Reagan is my hero and I can not find anywhere in the Constitution where it says "seperation of church and state" that you have a god given right to kill a baby.


Posted by: White Devil at 09:35 AM

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