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China Government March 27, 2008 01:55 AM Missouri Time

China Bans Horror Movies

Shanghai Daily

Young movie fans in China are thumbing their noses at the Government over its ban of horror movies.  The Chinese Government banned these movies last month with a statement from The General Administration of Press and Publications (GAPP).  I Think it is truely amazing how out of touch the Chinese Government is with its own people and the world.  Surely the GAPP knows that the people will just download the movies or buy the illegal DVDs.   One student said "The ban won't make much difference," says Yang. "We'll just download our movies from the Internet."

The official ban actually bans horror movies but also bans supernatural movies.  The definitions are vague at best and with movies like Harry Potter not being banned it has left many asking questions. 

On a personal note. I just went out and bought 2 DVDs today "1408" a scary supernatural movie and the T.V. series "Supernatural".  Just my own little form of protest.

Posted by: White Devil at 01:55 AM

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