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Ask March 07, 2008 01:17 AM Missouri Time

Ask the Chinese Students(March 6)


What is the penalty for bypassing your mentors firewall?
Will you be arrested and subject to organ harvesting for that infraction?

This question took a little while to explain.  First we had to talk about firewalls and punishments for breaking the law.  Finally these are the answers I got.

Mark said:  I have no idea what the punishment is.  What do you mean selling organs?

Melody said: I don't know.  Where did you hear that China sells organs?

Daisy said:  I don't know what the punishment is but its true that the government sells organs.

Jack said: Really?  where did you hear about this.  

This started a long discussion about China selling organs.  Most of my students had never heard of this. I do have a few students who do keep up with news from outside of China.  Even though the Chinese government admitted doing this many of the students still would not believe it. One student however said the following "Its ok to do this, The prisoner volunteers for it." He continued by explaining that many prisoners who have the death penalty could do this to help make up for the crimes they committed.  I had to explain to him that most countries do not execute for small crimes.  I told him that in America many states don't do it at all and the states that do will only execute when the murder is most foul.  I explained that in China you can get executed for selling drugs, stealing money, killing someone,  disagreeing with the president.  He agreed but then continued by saying that thats the way it is everywhere in the world. Even the U.S.

So this person, educated and smart believes that every country in the world is like China.  He actually said that President Bush can order an execution anytime he wants.   We have a long way to go my friends.  But remember I did have 2 students who knew what was happening.  2 out 8.

Posted by: White Devil at 01:17 AM

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