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Ask March 24, 2008 09:18 PM Missouri Time

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Lucius Vorenus  posted this question

IQ and the Wealth of Nations

Rank  Country      IQ
1     Hong Kong    107
2     South Korea  106
3     Japan        105
4     Taiwan       104
5     Singapore    103

List of countries and territories by fertility rate

Rank  Country      2000  2007
207   South Korea  1.72  1.28
214   Japan        1.41  1.23
219   Taiwan       1.76  1.12
220   Singapore    1.16  1.07
221   Macau        1.30  1.03
222   Hong Kong    1.27  0.98

QUESTION: Why have the peoples of the Pacific Rim, who are among the smartest in the world, stopped making babies, and why were they making vastly fewer babies in 2007 than they were a mere seven years earlier, in 2000?

Which is to say: The Pacific Rim is not only dying, but its death continues to accelerate. Why is this?

(remeber that I paraphrase and clean up the English of my students for your reading pleasure)

Mark:  I don't believe these numbers are true.  The west is always trying to make Asians look bad.  Just like all the lies they are showing about Tibet. 

Shannon:  I think this is because of economics and population.  China has a one child policy and people are making more money.  We are used to waiting now  until 30 to have a baby and then only having one baby.  We like to have our money and not share it.

Melody:  I agree with Shannon.

Tom:  I don't know but its good, there are to many of us and we need less.  We dont have enough food to feed more babies.

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