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Ask March 07, 2008 01:41 AM Missouri Time

Ask The Chinese Students part 3 (March 6)


Question: If the people of the Pacific Rim are so smart why cant they invent their own things instead of stealing it from America and reverse engineering them.

First off the tone of this question is a little mean.  The students are not doing this, the people are not doing this in general.  Its the government and many of the business.  However, in fairness I will ask any and all questions you guys want me to ask.  Remember, the questions you ask reflect on America and Americans.  So here we go with the answer.  Many will surprise you I think.

Daisy said "Many inventions from China where stolen by the west"  I asked her which ones and she repllied "The compass, guns, etc"  To which I replied "Have we stolen anything in the last 500 Years?"  she laughed and said she could not think of any.

Daisy also said:  "Many of the inventions you are talking about where actuly invented by Chinese people who are living in America"  This brought up a good discussion on what is a Chinese person and what is an American.  To the Chinese they believe anyone who is of the Chinese race is Chinese.  I had to explain that most western countries don't do that.  I asked her what color is an American. She said "White of course."  You see what I am up against.  I then talked about how Chinese is not a race but a nationality.  Now I don't want to get into a big discussion that Chinese is a race. It isn't.  there are very little differences between any of the Asian peoples. Its like saying Germans are a race because they look a little different then Russians.  I explained to Daisy that In the U.S. if you are a citizen you are an American. no matter where your blood comes from.  She agreed and we moved on.  But this does show something about the Chinese people.  My son is half  Asian, His mother is from China.  He will never be considered Chinese by the people here. I is always a foreigner.  He could be a citizen of China,  Live here his entire life.  Speak only Chinese,  Die here and be buried here.  He would still be the foreigner. Never will I let any liberal lecture me about Xenophobia.  Live for one year in any Asian country and  you will experience true Xenophobia and true discrimination and racism.

Mark answered the question by saying :  "Sure,  We want to make money, we want to be rich like the U.S. and that makes it ok to do this." 

I was going to argue that but if your poor and need to feed your kids its tough to argue with this logic.

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