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Ask February 24, 2008 08:12 PM Missouri Time

Ask The Students (2/25)


Todays Question:  If you could travel to any country in the world - where would it be and why?

Neo:  I am trying to get a Visa to Canada so I would like to see Canada.  My sister lives in Canada and I would like to live there someday.

Jane:  Australia,  I also have family there .

Mark:  No where, I like China.  I am happy living here.  My family  is here,  my business is here.  If I had to visit someplace it would be Japan.  I could do some business there.

Angel(12 Years Old):  I want to visit America to see my Aunt.  She lives in Boston.

Kevin(12  Years Old):  I don't know.  I like English so maybe I will visit England.  See Becham. because I like Football too.

Most of the students wanted to visit America or Canada.  There is a large Chinese population in Canada and it is much  easier to immigrate there.  So many of my students are working on getting Visas there.  But many students didn't care to visit anywhere.  I know in the U.S. we think everyone in China wants to leave.  They just don't see it that way.  Most are happy where they are.  Howerver,  Any student I have who has visited the U.S. will argue with the others that "You just don't know how nice it is".

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