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Ask March 07, 2008 01:28 AM Missouri Time

Ask the Chinese Students Part 2 (March 6)


A few years back a chinese pilot ran into an American patrol plane and crashed. His name was Wong Wei and was the butt of jokes across the world becasue in english his name sounded like Wrong Way.

Question: How did that make you feel? Did you notice that it angered your communist parents?

Most of my students did remember this happening and a few actually  remembered that his name was kind of funny.  At first hey didn't realize that by making fun of the mans name we where actually making fun of the way people talked.  At first most said they didn't care but after thinking about it they said it probable would have made them a little mad.  As to their parents they said that they probable didn't even understand what was going on.  To tell you all the truth, I have lived her a long time and most Chinese can make the R sound just find.  They have a very similar sound in Chinese.  Its only certain parts of China where this sound is hard to make.  Many of the people from souther to southern cent. China have a hard time with the R and N sounds, they are both pronounced mostly like and L sound. 

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