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U.S. Government May 16, 2008 02:11 AM Missouri Time

Voting and Democracy

We have been told for as long as we can remember that voting is a god given right in this country.  To be politically incorrect “One man, one vote” is what we are told.  How could anyone disagree?  What a wonderful world we live in with our wonderful democracy here in the U.S.  Well I, the WhiteDevil,  will now disagree.

We already put some limitations on voting.  We may not vote until we are 18.  Not all people living in America can vote such as legal or illegal immigrants.  Felons cannot vote in most places.  A judge can remove the right of a person to vote by declaring them incompetent. If I am missing any other reasons please let me know. 

I do not believe that we have enough restrictions on voting.  We have heard many times that one of the reasons for free education in American schools is for the purpose of making an educated and informed voting population.  I say we have failed. 

Posted by: White Devil at 02:11 AM

Piratedvd May 11, 2008 06:45 AM Missouri Time

10,000 BC

DVD Title: 10,000 BC
Roland Emmerich
Cast: Steven Strait,Camilla Belle,Cliff Curtis

Today I bought and watched the pirated DVD of 10,000 BC.   I had waited a long time for th is DVD to come  out.  I could have bought the earlier versions of it but they would have probable just been  videos taken of the screen with a hand held camera.  This is fine for some  movies but any movie that has good cinematography or special effects its best to wait till the actual DVD copy comes out. 

As to the movie.  To tell you the truth I was a little disappointed.   This story has been done over and over.  Recently  with Mel Gibson in Apocalypto.
I was more than a bit confused as to where the location of the story took place.  I know mammoths where in North America and there where some cousins in Asia.  However, the fact that there where sabor tooth tigers in the movie tells me this is supposed to be in North America.   Thus my confusion when there where African tribes living in a  place they surely should not have been.  Is this just an accident or was it done for some sort of affirmative action  or something.  Who knows. 

White Devils Grade: 2.5 Dumplings
DVD Quality:  4 Dumplings
Story: 2 Dumplings
Acting: 2 Dumplings
Effects: 4 Dumplings

Posted by: White Devil at 06:45 AM

Tibet May 07, 2008 05:30 PM Missouri Time

What I've been saying...

Site News May 06, 2008 06:43 AM Missouri Time

The Devil has returned to China.

Yes, I have returned. I am way to tired now to make a long post though. I will after a good 8 hours sleep.  My 48 hour adventure in returning to China will be a good read.   Cya tommorow

Posted by: White Devil at 06:43 AM

Taiwan May 02, 2008 08:07 AM Missouri Time

Tokyo Governor Ishihara to poke the Dragon with trip to Taiwan?

Via Breitbart: Tokyo Gov. Ishihara to attend inauguration of new Taiwan president

TOKYO, May 2 (AP) - (Kyodo)—Tokyo Gov. Shintaro Ishihara said Friday he will attend the presidential inauguration ceremony of Ma Ying-jeou scheduled for May 20 in Taiwan.

Speaking at a news conference, Ishihara said he has received an invitation to the inauguration and will visit Taiwan from May 19 to 21. Arrangements are also being made for him to be decorated following an offer by President Chen Shui-bian, he said.

It will be his seventh trip to Taiwan as Tokyo governor.

Asked if he anticipates that his visit will ruffle Beijing, Ishihara said, "I consider myself as a friend for both (China and Taiwan)."

Ishihara is also invited to the opening ceremony for the Beijing Olympics scheduled on Aug. 8. Regarding the invitation, he noted that Tokyo is bidding to host the Summer Olympics in 2016 and said, "I'll go if my schedule allows. I'd like to go if possible, because it should provide us with some pointers."

I think maybe it will ruffle Beijing. Let's see if they yank his Olympics invitation. Sounds as if he expects it since he is already saying he might not be able to go.

Posted by: ClaireChennault at 08:07 AM

China Government April 29, 2008 01:08 PM Missouri Time

Arms shipments to Zimbabwe benefit new Mandarins; Chinese people, not so much

An article in The Sunday Times uncovers more about that shipment of arms intended for Robert Mugabe's thugs in Zimbabwe. It is a bit more than the PTB in China would like for you to know.
Company documents show that Poly Technologies, the manufacturer of the weapons on board the ship, is ultimately controlled by a clique from China’s preeminent military clans with close ties to the Communist party leadership and army.


On paper, Poly Technologies is a subsidiary of the China International Trust and Investment Corporation. Analysts of Chinese financial affairs say, however, that Poly is actually a front for an elite within the country’s military-industrial complex and that it reports to the general staff department of the People’s Liberation Army.

“People call it the supreme headquarters of the China princeling party,” commented one analyst. “It’s a power centre beyond civilian control.”
I've often wondered about the strategy behind China's involvement with world pariahs like Mugabe, Hugo Chavez, and the Islamocrats in Sudan. Turns out it's not about what's good for China, but only what's good for "the princelings".

HT: Michele Malkin

Posted by: ClaireChennault at 01:08 PM

Site News April 29, 2008 12:35 PM Missouri Time

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Greetings China Watchers!  I am ClaireChennault. The White Devil has asked me to assist him in his efforts to shine a light on China, its culture, and its global behavior. There's actually more of a chance that I will post on non-China related items because, as White Devil has stated, "We comment on anything political." And let's face it, he's going to know way more about what's going on inside the Belly of the Dragon than I will ever have the chance to experience myself.

I will most likely be linking to stories I have seen posted on Breitbart or on one of my favorite half-dozen or so blogs. These include Little Green Footballs (Blogfather to many, including me) , Power Line, Michele Malkin, Hot Air, The Jawa Report, Real Clear Politics, Redstate, and Confederate Yankee.

In case there are readers who are unfamiliar with the name Claire Chennault, please click the link for a bio.  I chose the name as my handle because I too am coming from the outside and have a deep interest in aiding the cause of Chinese democracy and freedom.  Any small impact I can make here is more than I was making before. Thanks for reading! I look forward to seeing you in the comments sections.

Posted by: ClaireChennault at 12:35 PM

Other April 27, 2008 04:49 PM Missouri Time

Baseball, America and Tears

The Red Angel, my wife, has been in America for just over a week now.  Today we attended a Kansas City Royals baseball game.  This was her first baseball game and my babies also.  It was a beautiful day, the sun was out and the hot dogs where delicious.  How much more American can a day be.  But today my wife made me cry.  As the soldiers marched out to home plate with the American flag we all stood.  My wife held my babies hand over his heart as we began to sing the National Anthem.  As a good Marine, I stood at attention with my hand over my heart.  It had been over 4 years since I stood to sing my nations national song.  Every time the National Anthem is played I sing along.  Every time until today.  About half way through the song I glanced over at my wife and baby.  She was tightly holding my babies hand over his heart and tears where streaming down her cheeks.  This is more then I could take.  As I saw my wife and baby singing their first National Anthem I began to cry myself.  I looked into their eyes and remembered what it meant to be an American.  How proud I was of my wife to wait and come to the U.S. legally and  how happy  I  am that one day she will be an American.  She told me today that she is no longer Chinese .  She may not be legally  an American yet but in her heart and in my heart she is.  Please welcome my wife to America. Welcome her into the embrace of "Liberty and Justice for all"  I am crying again as I write this.  I am sure in the next few years as she becomes a true American I shall shed more and more tears.  God Bless America and God Bless my wife and child. 

I wonder if those who steal across our borders stand and put their hands over their hearts and cry when our National Anthem is played.  Something to think about.

Posted by: White Devil at 04:49 PM

Site News April 25, 2008 08:52 AM Missouri Time

Comments from a reader and my reply...

been reading some of your earlier blogs and its quite apparent what kind of views and ideas you are imposing here. I find it amazing how you survive and bear to stay in China, when you are clearly so racist towards the Chinese in general (not including those few Chinese students you find cute in minnie mouse cosplay). I had hoped to read and be presented by a more open and unbiased view of China before my visit but your website to me seems like a compilation of China's faults coupled with your crude and racist views which you would like to pass off as humor and experiences. If I wanted to I could list just as many things thats wrong with America, hell I could probably list just as many things wrong with the previous beloved Bush administration alone. China is not a just or perfect country, even I know that. I will not give you excuses for all those rude, cruel and bad Chinese people out there. Nor will I explain to you the difference between living in a developing country such as China to that of growing up in the United States of America. Nor will I justify the Chinese government which deserves all the criticism it can receive. What I wish to address is your blatant racism and feeling of superiority. What's happening in Tibet is wrong, but why cannot China defend its unity? No where in this blog do you ever show any attempts to understand China and it's people, you are only judging them and sneering at their seemingly inferiority. I dare say that you are the typical by-product of the American media just like those Chinese Communists you hate so much. You just don't realize. You've been to all the smallest villages to the biggest cities? Seen richest to poorest? met students, governors, farmers and politicians? You must really be qualified to judge the Chinese people and even more qualified to hold you frequent 'I hate Chinese people' days. This entire website of yours simply fuels hates towards Chinese people, that is its main and only objective. Say what you want about using it to give people an open and inside view, but I think most things in this site are racist but plain disrespectful. I feel sorry for any Chinese people who happen to chance upon any of your writings. You should just stay in American and pass your time playing your 'manly' and 'macho' football and contently watching and agreeing with FOX news.

Posted by: White Devil at 08:52 AM

Site News April 22, 2008 07:26 AM Missouri Time

Forgetting America

The Red Angel and I are now in America so I have decided to change her name to the Red White and Blue Angel. 

I had forgotten how wonderful America is.  We really forget what a wonderful country we live in.  From the clean air to the polite people we are a good country.  I have traveled the world.  Been to 18 countries and 4 continents.  There is no place like America.  You can feel it in the air when you step of the airplane.  To the very core of your body you know that you are in a special place.  I miss my America. 

Posted by: White Devil at 07:26 AM

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