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U.S. Government May 16, 2008 02:11 AM Missouri Time

Voting and Democracy

We have been told for as long as we can remember that voting is a god given right in this country.  To be politically incorrect “One man, one vote” is what we are told.  How could anyone disagree?  What a wonderful world we live in with our wonderful democracy here in the U.S.  Well I, the WhiteDevil,  will now disagree.

We already put some limitations on voting.  We may not vote until we are 18.  Not all people living in America can vote such as legal or illegal immigrants.  Felons cannot vote in most places.  A judge can remove the right of a person to vote by declaring them incompetent. If I am missing any other reasons please let me know. 

I do not believe that we have enough restrictions on voting.  We have heard many times that one of the reasons for free education in American schools is for the purpose of making an educated and informed voting population.  I say we have failed. 

We see example after example of students graduating from High school who cant even find England on a map.  Are we to expect these same students to be able to discern what is meant in the Constitution?  What does the 2nd Amendment mean?  What about the 1st Amendment?  Do they have any idea even what they are. 

To give some good examples I will quote from my own experiences as a teacher and as a teacher.  I was taking an introduction to teaching class and a small college in Missouri.  I was asked, as the other students where also, to teach one 40 minute class.  As the instigator I am I choose to teach my class on “The Biggest Myths in U.S. History” I started off the class by setting a one hundred dollar bill on the table and telling the students that any student who could find in the constitution a “separation of church and state” that they could have the money.  You should have seen the mad dash to the desk to pick up their copies of the Constitution so they could be the first to claim their money.  In fairness there where 2 young men in the back laughing.  They knew what was up and where not going to participate.  After 10 minutes I asked if anyone had found it.  One student voiced, “I can’t find it but I know its in here” I asked him how she knew it.  She said she had been taught it in school.  Finally they all gave up and I announced that it wasn’t in there.  I actually had one student accuse me of taking it out and doctoring the handouts I gave.   Must be a Ron Paul supporter.

The next part of this class was even simpler to anyone who has studied even the smallest part of U.S. history and the formation of our country.  I asked, “According to the Declaration of Independence, where do our rights originate.  No one in the class could answer this question, including the professor.  No one knew that our rights came from “Our Creator”. 

These are students studying to be teachers.  The very people who will guide the minds of our young and they haven’t the slightest clue about our countries laws.  So if the teachers don’t know and the students don’t know then how can they be educated voters?

This brings me to my main point.  Years ago the Constitution was taught diligently in our classrooms.  I guarantee you under the Eisenhower administration children knew the Constitution.  So what has happened?   Socialism has happened.  The very party and ideology that is against freedom, capitalism and our way of life is in charge of the schools.  How else could we get Roe vs Wade.  A ruling that has no basis in the Constitution.  The communist/socialist/democrats count on the uneducated and ignorant for their power.  Knowledge is their enemy.  So here is my proposal for voting rights in America. 

  1. You must be 21 years old or a member of the military.
  2. You must have graduated high school or College.  G.E.D. does not count.  If you cant spend the time to complete your schooling then I don’t want you voting.  Shortcut takers need not apply.
  3. You must pass a Constitution test.  The same test that should be given to new immigrants asking for citizenship.  Why should we ask more of them then we do ourselves.
  4. Never convicted of a serious crime.
  5. You must take the Pledge of Allegiance in front of a judge.  This could be done at graduation or at some sort of other ceremony.
  6. You must be registered for the draft.  Men and women.
  7. You may not offer aide, comfort, or information or do business with a country deemed an enemy of America.
  8. You may not ever have belonged to a political party that supports the violent over throw of America.
  9. You may not have ever participated in voter fraud.
  10. You may not have ever helped anyone in anyway illegally immigrate to the U.S.

If these simple rules where followed we would have better elections, better elected officials and by proxy a better government.

Posted by: White Devil at 02:11 AM

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