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Comments from a reader and my reply...

been reading some of your earlier blogs and its quite apparent what kind of views and ideas you are imposing here. I find it amazing how you survive and bear to stay in China, when you are clearly so racist towards the Chinese in general (not including those few Chinese students you find cute in minnie mouse cosplay). I had hoped to read and be presented by a more open and unbiased view of China before my visit but your website to me seems like a compilation of China's faults coupled with your crude and racist views which you would like to pass off as humor and experiences. If I wanted to I could list just as many things thats wrong with America, hell I could probably list just as many things wrong with the previous beloved Bush administration alone. China is not a just or perfect country, even I know that. I will not give you excuses for all those rude, cruel and bad Chinese people out there. Nor will I explain to you the difference between living in a developing country such as China to that of growing up in the United States of America. Nor will I justify the Chinese government which deserves all the criticism it can receive. What I wish to address is your blatant racism and feeling of superiority. What's happening in Tibet is wrong, but why cannot China defend its unity? No where in this blog do you ever show any attempts to understand China and it's people, you are only judging them and sneering at their seemingly inferiority. I dare say that you are the typical by-product of the American media just like those Chinese Communists you hate so much. You just don't realize. You've been to all the smallest villages to the biggest cities? Seen richest to poorest? met students, governors, farmers and politicians? You must really be qualified to judge the Chinese people and even more qualified to hold you frequent 'I hate Chinese people' days. This entire website of yours simply fuels hates towards Chinese people, that is its main and only objective. Say what you want about using it to give people an open and inside view, but I think most things in this site are racist but plain disrespectful. I feel sorry for any Chinese people who happen to chance upon any of your writings. You should just stay in American and pass your time playing your 'manly' and 'macho' football and contently watching and agreeing with FOX news.
Gravatar Thank you for you comments. You seem well spoken and possible in a position to debate your beliefs. For the most part I take your comments to heart I do have one problem with them though. Your definition of racism. Racism is the belief that your race is superior to other races. I do not hold this belief. I am a culturist. I find all people are equal but not all cultures are equal. I do whole-heartedly believe that western culture is the most superior culture. I do not think that Chinese culture is the worst but I do believe it is below western culture. I will no address some of your comments specifically.

1. If I wanted to I could list just as many things thats wrong with America...
And I have been critical of America too. This site however is about China and the problems in China and the Chinese-American relations. I am highly critical of Bush's relationships with China and immigration.

2.China is not a just or perfect country...
The entire purpose of this web blog.

3. Nor will I explain to you the difference between living in a developing country such as China...
Here you will get a big disagreement from me. China uses this excuse and the excuse of having so many people to justify everything it does. Please go to the WTO web site and see what the definition of a developing country is. By the WTO web site definition the U.S.A. could be considered a developing country. I live in China and China is a "Developed" country. It has one of the top 5 economies in the world. So don't come here and play the excuse game for murder and injustice and a lack of human rights. Many countries have weaker economies and are less developed then China and have a much better human rights record. You are just repeating party talking points.

4.What I wish to address is your blatant racism and feeling of superiority..
Addressed this above. Racism and cultural-ism are two different things. Any and all fault I find with the Chinese people does not come from their race but from their lack of culture. The very culture the communist have tried for over 50 years to destroy.

5.you are the typical by-product of the American media...
I am a typical by-product of a free and open education where we are allowed to debate and question what the teachers say. Where we are allowed to have our own opinions and the diversity of thought is celebrated, not punished. China "one world, one dream, one way of thinking" My main goal in China is to open the eyes of as many Chinese people as I can. To teach them not to defecate and urinate on the streets, not to kill the girl children because boy babies are better, not to walk by a person who is hurt and not help them because you are afraid to be involved and not to allow your land an culture to be destroyed by a a totalitarian dictatorship. I cry for China.

6.'I hate Chinese people' days... oh but its ok to have I hate America days everyday. Just ask your government and teachers

Posted by: White Devil at 08:52 AM

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