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GOP January 23, 2009 03:53 PM Missouri Time

Is it Time for a New Party...

I have been pondering this for over a year now.  I consider myself a conservative, not a Republican.   I always vote republican because they are generally the only conservative option.  As of late though I am not seeing a conservative option anywhere.  Cant say that the GOP is conservative.  Not after all the spending during the Bush years.  Now that all the pigs on the farm ar rushing to bail out failed businesses, wish they would bail out my college loans, it seems I have no one to vote for.
I have looked around.  I checked out the Libertarians but I just cant get on board with some of their social issues or their stand against the war on terror.  I looked in the Constitution party but again I can not take their stand not to defend America from the Islamic Fascists.   Voting Democrat will never be an option.  So where do I go, who do I vote for.  Do I try to start my own party, like I have the time.  Where are the true conservatives. 

I guess I am faced with trying to reform the GOP.  This may take a while and it could cost us being the majority party for some time.  We will have to get rid of all the liberal Republicans.  To do this we will have to either let Democrats win seats so we can take them back later or run primary campaigns against already seated Republicans.  Either way it will damage us for some time. 

Posted by: White Devil at 03:53 PM

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