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GOP February 22, 2008 09:35 AM Missouri Time

Conservative Cry Babies.


Ok lets get this clear right off the bat.  NO ONE and I mean almost no one is as conservative as me.  I am born and bread conservative.  Love the U.S. hate taxes and the federal government.  I am a States rights, don't take my gun away, and keep your homo agenda off my kid conservative.  Reagan is my hero and I can not find anywhere in the Constitution where it says "seperation of church and state" that you have a god given right to kill a baby.

Having said that,  I am very tired of the Conservatives complaining that the Republican Party choose someone who is not a conservative.   GUESS WHAT FOLKS, the name isn't Conservative party, its The Republican Party.  I hate to break to you guys but not all Republicans are conservative.  They run in all colors.  So we lost this primary season.  Thats life, suck it up.  Maybe we can win next time. 

Is McCain a bad man?  no.  Is he a conservative? Not so much as some but a lot more then others.  Does he want amnesty for illigals.  Sure does, but so did Reagan. Where they right?  no.  

So we can either get on board with McCain or start a new party and nominate who we want.  If you can get the elected conservatives to leave the party and make a new one I am with you.  I will hold signs,  work the polls whatever you need.  But until that time I will vote for ANY Republic.  Not only will I vote for him/her.  I will campaign strongly for them.  Why is it conservatives feel that others in the party must come help a conservative but god forbid that anyone who doesn't toe the line should get help from us.

Lets see what happens if Hill/Bamma wins.

They will probable keep the House and the Senate.
They will pass amnesty.
They will make us lose in Iraq.
They will raise our taxes.
They will put laws up that strangle conservative talk radio.
They will put more laws up that curtail our free speech at the polls.
They will pass outlandish energy an environmental programs.
They will end No Child Left Behind.
They will take your tax dollars and pay for killing more babies.
They will regulate your blogs if they are political an not liberal.
They will gut our military.
They will work hard to make it easier for homosexuals to get married and get into our school.

GET THE PICTURE YET.  Yes, McCain may do one or two of these things but he will also WIN in Iraq.  He will not gut the Army.  So proudly go in and vote for the MOST conservative candidate.  I will

Posted by: White Devil at 09:35 AM

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