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Culture February 19, 2008 03:05 AM Missouri Time

Its Spring Time for Mao...

Well I woke up today and walked outside and there was a smell in the air.  Not the cold wind blown smell of winter but the fresh, renewing smell of spring. 

So in the light of a new year beginning and it being spring I just want to highlight some of the wonderful things out of China last year and hope we don't have a repeat of them this year.

(click the links bellow)

China Sells Organs (an not pipe organs, we talking kidneys and other yucky stuff).

Slave labor in Xi'an (I lived in Xi'an I will never go back)

Poison Toothpaste (Bad breath or death. hmm hard choice)

Lead Toys (Paint chips to Ultra Man, thats evolution)

Arresting Bloggers (Gulp. I am a blogger)

Genocide in Sudan (Please ignore Sudan, we get blood *cough* oil from there

Yes a banner year for Mao and the boys.  But god AMERICA is the great devil and CHINA is a developing country so we must forgive them.  Every time I ask my students about this stuff they give me two answer.  Well China is developing or  China has so many people.  Neither of which has anything to do with my questions.  They have been programmed that this is the answer to anything bad that China does.

Stay tuned. I will keep track of this stuff for you.

Posted by: White Devil at 03:05 AM

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