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Culture March 10, 2008 03:05 AM Missouri Time

Having an "I Hate Chinese People Day"

Definition of Chinese person (Anyone who is a citizen of China and has parents and grandparents that are citizens of China.)  By no means am I saying Asians in generally.

Even though I have lived and worked in China for 4 years,  I have a Chinese wife and a half Chinese baby.  I still have "I hate Chinese people" days.   These happen 2 or 3 times a month actually so they are not rare occurrences.  Some of this can be blamed on my impatient temper but most of it is caused by the Chinese people themselves.   Their attitude on life and how you treat others.  I do not know what the Chinese where like before the revolution but I do know what they are like now.  I have lived in 3 Chinese cites, two in the interior of China and have visited 7 different provinces.  I have been to the biggest cites and the smallest villages.  I have seen the richest people and the poorest.  I have seen students, businessmen, farmers,  politicians,  mayors and governors.  There seems to be one thread that connects them all.  This thread is the complete disregard for anyone else except their friends and family.

Call me a culturist, because that is what I am.  I have been to 18 different countries and 5 continents.  I have never seen anything like you see in China.  If you are not a close friend or family member there is no empathy, sympathy or even recognition to other people.  I am sure I am going to get comments saying something like "How WhiteDevil I visited China and the people where happy, smiling and friendly"  I will ask where did you visit and how long?

Lets get somethings clear right now. 
1.  Hong Kong is not China.
2.  Taiwan is not China
3.  Shanghai is not China.
4.  Beijing is a little China but lately not China at all.

Ask yourself about your trip to China.  Why where the people so happy, smiling and friendly.  THEY WANT YOUR MONEY.  It is that simple.  If you visit China for a few days or even weeks you are mainly going to see people who have dealt with tourist a lot. They know what the tourist want to see.  Come and live for 4 years.  Go to the places the Chinese go.  See their real houses, their real markets and their real character.

You may ask, "Why oh Why WhiteDevil are you having an I hate Chinese people day.   Well the answer is not so simple.  Generally these things build up.  This one particular day was caused by a chain of events  thats started about 1 month ago.  My wife had her electric bike stolen from our apartment building.  Then 2 days later we had a bicycle stolen,  then 4 days later our other bike was stolen.  Yesterday my motorcycle was stolen. The Bikes and the electric bike where actually stolen right outside of our 10th floor landing  in our apartment building.  The living center that we live in employees many guards who are constantly walking around.  We also live in a very well lit area.  We reported our loses to the guards who told us they would do everything they could to help us.  Finally after my motorcycle was stolen we reported to the police.  This is the most important part...

The police said "Well the guards at your apartment complex are unhappy about their pay.  They have been stealing bikes and just about anything else not tied down.  So because the guards are doing it we are not going to investigate."   They went on by blaming us that if we had never bought a bike or motorcycle then it would never have been stolen.  This is not the first time I have been blamed for someone else's problem.  Like the time the taxi driver tried to blame me for his accident by saying that if he had not picked me up he would never have been on that road.

Well in any real country in the world you could go to the press, the government, or something. Not in China.  We told the apartment management about this and they just laughed and said "Oh yea, we know".  Needles to say we are going to have to move to another living center. 

Do not worry though my friends.  These days will usually last 24 or less hours.  I will not kill anyone or try to overthrow the government.  I will be here tomorrow and the next day.  My hair will be grayer and I will have more wrinkles on my face.  But I will be here.

Posted by: White Devil at 03:05 AM

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