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Site News May 20, 2008 11:44 PM Missouri Time

White Devil fleeing China (sort of)

I have put a lot of thought into it and weighing various problems I have decided to leave China.  The most important reason is I miss my wife and baby.  But also China in the last few weeks has become not so accommodating of foreigners. Attacks at foreigners owned stores have become more common and I prefer to stay alive.   While I have not been physicaly attacked I have been followed and protested because of my shopping habits.   There is a perception here that many stores support the Tibetan cause and these stores are protested.  There have been incidents in Shanghai of people being attacked for shopping at these stores. 

So I have sold my schools and will be returning to the U.S.   perhaps in a few years when China grows up a little more I will return.  Until then I will keep posting from the safety of my American home, surrounded by my loving family.

Posted by: White Devil at 11:44 PM

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