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Econ101 February 23, 2008 07:42 AM Missouri Time

Robert B. Reich (Economic Conservitive)?

Posted on the Shanghai Daily web site.
Monster US supercapitalism eats the middle class and democracy
This is a must read.  About how us evil capitalist are so horrible.  I guess this is a book review.

"SUPERCAPITALISM: The Transformation of Business, Democracy, and Everyday Life" is essentially a glorification of the success of US capitalism.
Excerpts of the article.

Reich's praise of US capitalism, however, is unbounded.
(What?  he is one step right of Lenin. Give me a break.)

Classic Chinese scholar Qian Mu, in characterizing US capitalism, said Western capitalism centers on two dominant urges: the urge to make others poor; and the urge to kill others.
(Yes, this is why I started  my own company. Just not enough poor people for me.  And gee with so few people dieing from communism I thought I should do my share.  The not-so-classic American scholar WHITE DEVIL in characterizing world communism, said "World communism centers on two dominant urges:  The urge to make EVERYONE POOR and the urge to kill MILLIONS.)

The first urge is self-evident given capitalists' natural voracity, for wealth is always a relative concept and enriching oneself must always come at the expense of others.
(Completely and utterly false.  Shows that this person really does not understand economics at all.  It is not a zero sum game.  Just because I make a buck doesn't mean I take it from someone else.  In communism thats how it works but in capitalism we create new capital and new money.  Nice this guy was able to post this on the internet that was developed by capitalism.)

The second urge stems from the fact that, in Qian's words, "the first purpose of the greenback is to fabricate atomic weapons." Of course, today a host of other more lethal forms of weapons are being developed.
(You read that right.  The reason for making U.S. dollars is to make nukes.  No other reason.  Where do they get these guys.  Do they grown them on the commie tree.  Cant wait to get that NUKE in my backyard.)

Although Reich bemoans the loss of power of the US citizens, he mostly approves of the economic benefits of supercapitalism: access to a larger number of quality goods, cheaper air travel, better health for Americans, bigger and more powerful capital markets.

Reich fails to see, or finds it inconvenient to admit, that this has all been made possible by globalization.

Under the facade of co-prosperity, US supercapitalists can secure energy and goods from other countries cheaply, without having to shoulder the burden of pollution.
(How can this be possible seeing as China blames us for all pollution.  We don't have to shoulder the burden.  You want us to shoulder all the burden while you belch out coal and toxic water to the world.)

Ben & Jerry's efforts to protect the rainforest may appear socially responsible, but is it responsible to sell sugary, high-fat desserts to a population already suffering from obesity and associated diseases?
(Ben & Jerry's has someone even more left headed then them.  Never thought I would hear about B&J being called evil capitalist. See this is what happens when you have generations of people not free to make their own choices and a horrible economy where you cant afford comfort food. Now that China is getting better it is one of the fastest growing "FAT" countries in the world.)

If Reich pursued this further, he might discover that decisions become much easier when the grab for money becomes the ruling passion, and moral deliberations have never been a disabling factor in the success of capitalism.
(Or killing 30 million people in a communist system.  "Moral deliberations"  This one takes the cake.  Coming from a man who lives in a country where his government sells its citizens organs to other people.  A country where if your blog is not correct you go to jail.  A country where slaves are kept by government officials in brick factories.  Either this guy is witting to make the government happy or he is just stupid.  Even my young students know many of the facts about China.  This guy must be up for a government job.)

Ok, lets see if I have the score right.  Reich= evil capitalist  Ben & Jerry's = evil capitalist.   Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Castro, Pol Pot etc.  =  compassionate caring individuals who always put the people first.  This guy should be on Obama's staff

Posted by: White Devil at 07:42 AM

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