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U.S. Government February 13, 2008 07:36 AM Missouri Time

McCain and the Election

It is kind of nice to be so far away during election time.  I can set back and watch everyone fight and not feel so attached to one guy or the other.  I used to be very active in my State Republican Party.  I have ran for State Rep. and other local offices.  sadly I have never won.   However, I have always said the only way to get a perfect candidate for yourself is to run yourself.  So seeing as there are no perfect candidates and the one I wanted isn't running and the two I supported have dropped out I will support the one who is closest to my beliefs.  John McCain is my guy for President.

I hear many people saying he isn't conservative enough,  he isn't,   I hear many people saying he is wrong on immigration,  they are right.  But even the greatest President of all time, Ronald Reagan did things I didn't like.  Using U.S. tax dollars to make states change their seatbelt laws was one of them.

So I do not have to hold my nose and vote for McCain as many have said.  I will proudly mail in my absentee ballot for him.  As should all of you.  The alternatives are not very attractive and I do fully support him on his stance on the war on terror.  This is the most important issue to me at the moment. 

Posted by: White Devil at 07:36 AM

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