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Humor February 28, 2008 08:22 AM Missouri Time

Man builds cage for car


Chinese man has built a cage for his car to stop thieves kidnapping parts and demanding ransom money.

Mr Zhang, of Jilin city, says his car's computerized engine management system was stolen twice.
After living in China for 4 years I can attest to these kinds of things.  Let me make a list of things that have been stolen from me in the last 4 years.

3 Mobil phones.
1 Bill fold (no money in it).
Assorted clothes.
Digital video camera.
2 Electric scooters.

As I walk around China I see even the most mundane things  lock to trees or buildings with big iron changes and locks.  Tables, chairs, garbage cans, etc.  You name it.  If its not tied down then it is considered fair game. 

Also there is this habit of making excuses for bad behavior in China.  From the smallest things like butting in line to stealing things.  "They must be in a hurry", "Oh it wasn't locked to its the owners fault" things like this are said all the time.  

One day I was riding in a taxi.  I asked him to take the short cut to my house.  On the way he was driving on the wrong side of the street and speeding in an area that has lots of people.  He hit a man.  When the police came the driver tried to blame the accident on me.  With a serious face and expecting the police to take his side he said "I would not have had an accident if the American had not asked me to take the short cut."  For a few minutes I thought this was actually going to work.  Lucky for me it did not.

So here is some advice if your going to visit China.  Lock your stuff up.  You will receive no help from anyone if your things are stolen.

Posted by: White Devil at 08:22 AM

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