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Taiwan February 12, 2008 07:04 AM Missouri Time

First Post

I have pondered while setting up my site what my first post should be about.  Should it be news, about the U.S. Election.  Should it be opinion.  Should I start easy or should I go for the throat right off the bat. 

Well I played football for 15 years and coached for 10.  As all football coaches know you go for the throat early.  Let your opponents know who you are and what your capable of doing.

So nothing pisses China off more then talking about the Nation of Taiwan.  Yes thats right, none of that ONE CHINA bullshit gonna play on this site. 
I have been teaching in China for 4 years now. I teach all ages and for all the University students and Adults I teach at some point the Taiwan issue comes  up.  Many teachers will not talk about it but I believe that my students need to know the truth of what the world is like outside of China.  

Generaly our discussion start with a question.  "What do you think about Taiwan?" most students are so used to teachers dodging this question that they are taken aback when I answer.  I say "I believe Taiwan is its own country."  This is usually followed by a lot of NO NO NO.  I let the crowd settle down for a little while and then I start to ask them some questions.   I ask.  "Is Taiwan part of China?" of course they reply "yes".  Then I ask "What Chinese laws are enforced in Taiwan?'  They say "well none".  I ask "How much tax revenue does China make from Taiwan?"  the answer again is "none".  I ask them "Then how is Taiwan part of China?"  This is where the fun begins.  By the time I am finished destroying their Taiwan is part of China logic I either gain a good friend and student for life, or lose a paying customer.  So lets go through some of the arguments I have been presented.

1.  Taiwan used to belong to China so it should belong to China now.

To this one I usually start with.  The U.S. used to belong to England,
Spain, Mexico, France, Holland, etc.  Therefore, should the U.S. go back
to these countries?  To which they reply "well thats been a long time ago." So now I have them.  I ask "How long does it take? 10 years, 50 years 100  years?"  They never really have an answer for that one.  The second point I make about this is "China used to belong to Mongolia,  shouldn't China go back to Mongolia?"  For this one I get blank stares.   Finally someone will say "well that was along time ago too." Putting us back into the time frame argument. An argument they just cant win.

2.  They speak the same language as us and have the same culture as us.

This is an easy one, I just modify my first argument a little bit.  Since Chinese think anyone from the west comes from the same culture I just say, " I speak English,  England speaks English,  Canada speaks English, Australia speaks English.  So we should all be one country.  At this point most of my good natured students are having a good time and are enjoying the debate. They have no answer to this but they do enjoy a good debate.

3.  Taiwan has always been part of China.

In the U.S. I am a History teacher.  So this one again is easy to counter.  I quickly say "No it hasn't".   They blink a few times and say "why, what do you mean?"   I am not an expert on Chinese history but I know enough about it that every 100 years or so there is a new revolution and a new Kingdom is formed. Sometimes its all of China and sometimes not.  There have been times Mongolia owned most of China and times even Tibet owned parts of China.  The idea that there has been one China for these 4000 years, which they claim, is so far away from historical fact that even those with a little knowledge of Chinese history can debunk it.   I also point out that the Chinese government signed a treat with Japan given away Taiwan.  They hate this one.  Their only argument with this one is, and I quote "We don't like that government so we don't count anything they did."  I have to laugh at that one.

I do make one final gesture to the Chinese students.  I say,  "If I was Pres. of the U.S. I would sign a treat with China which states that China can move in and take Taiwan.  There is a condition though.  On the same day they must move in and take over North Korea.  Most of my student at this point will say no no no, we don't want Taiwan that much.  we hate North Koreans.

Posted by: White Devil at 07:04 AM

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