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Gay May 27, 2009 01:19 PM Missouri Time

Every State Allows Gays to Marry

I have been pretty silent on the whole gay marriage subject, but I have finally had enough of this debate.  It is time for me to chime in with my observations and opinions.

First off, Every gay person in America has the right to get married.  Every single one. What they do not have the right to do is get married to someone of the same sex.  So in fact a gay person has the exact same right as I do. I have the right to marry the women of my choice and my wife has the right to marry the man of her choice.  This right stays intact for gay people. A gay man can marry any unmarried women he wants to. Just as any lesbian can marry the unmarried man of her choice.  It is their choice not to get married in the accepted way. 

There are other things that I have a right to do that are impossible for me to do.  Abortion is the first to come to mind.  It is legal in America for me to have an abortion.  It is however impossible for me to exercise this right.  I could fight for the right to have a male abortion.  A male abortion could be defined as giving the women enough money to pay for half of the abortion fee and signing away my rights as a parent.  However this would not truly be an abortion, it would be a newly created right that did not exist before and it would be a right specifically for men.  Just as the right for gays to get married would be a new right stacked on top of the right they already have to get married.

So the argument really isn't about who has the right to do what but the definition of the word married  Does the word married mean between a man and a women or is the word liquid and can mean anything we want it to mean.  I say that legally, historically and religiously it has always had a very clear meaning.

Then we must look historically at what marriage is and was.  Marriage is a religious rite. So the entire problem comes about not because gays want to get married but because the government wants to regulate religion. It used to be that the church controlled everything about marriage.  It was a religious ceremony that bound two souls together into one. We must ask why did the government get involved?  Well to regulate and tax.   The government needed regulations in case a marriage failed and the two people got a divorce. Who gets what and why.  Also since almost everyone gets married its a nice little bit of extra money coming into the coffers.

So here is my solution to the entire gay marriage debate.

1.  Government gets out of marriage completely.  Since marriage is a religious act the government has no constitutional right to regulate it and people who are only married by a church have no right to sue in court about said marriage. So if to gay men could find a church to marry them then it would be nobodys business except theirs and gods.

2.  Since the government does have the right to regulate cooperations and legal contracts, the married couple could incorporate their marriage.  Thus making themselves a single legal entity. Thus if the cooperation broke up there would be a legal contract as to who gets what. 

Couples who got married in a church are under no obligation to incorporate and couples who incorporate are under no obligation to get married.  Problem solved.

This all seems pretty simple to me.    This also solves the problem of polygamy.

So as always, the least government is the best government

Posted by: White Devil at 01:19 PM

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