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Obama January 20, 2009 01:28 PM Missouri Time

Black Day for the Racism Industrial Complex...

Well today was a historic day for America.  We have elected our first black president.  Obama was not my choice but he is president and I will give him  the respect that the office deserves and that should be given to all presidents.  I do have a few observations today though.

1.  It will now be difficult for those who make profit from racism to claim that the government is racist.  If you claim the government is racist then Obama is racist.  If you claim America is racist then Obama is racist. 

2.  Bad day for Jessie Jackson.  His day as the top black guy is now gone.

3.  History repeats itself.   Just like in the past women must now wait for their day.  Black men where given the right to vote before women where.  Now a black man is president before a women is.  Does this mean there is an order we must follow?  Just looking at history here but this kind of means the order goes like this.  White men, Black men,  all others.

4.  The media has hyped Obama and praised him so much that he has no where to go but down.  He has been sainted without doing a thing.  What is going to happen when he has to start making decisions.  We already see it with his choices for the Inagural prayer.  Every little special liberal group is going to want their payback.  He cant make them all happy so eventuly he will make them all angry.

I do not see good things coming from this presidency.  I see anger, fighting, back stabbing and ugliness for Obama and this is just from his so called friends.

Posted by: White Devil at 01:28 PM

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