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U.S. Government February 04, 2009 03:29 PM Missouri Time


Function: adjective
: representing, made up of, or organized by members of two political parties.


I have heard a lot lately about bipartisanship and how we need to come together in a bipartisan way to help the economy.  Well I am not a Harvard grad or a Constitutional Lawyer or a Speaker Of The House or even insightful journalist.  I have a B.A. in History from a small Midwest college, that’s all.  I do have one advantage over all the above mentioned people though, I know the definition of bipartisan.  Even if I didn’t know the definition of bipartisan I do know how to look up the definition of the word.


Yesterday the Obama Economic plan passed the house with a vote of 244-188. 


Democrats voting for the plan:  244

Democrats voting against the plan: 11

Republicans voting for the plan: 0

Republicans voting against the plan: 177

So it appears to me that there was a bipartisan vote on this plan.  The bipartisan part of it was the vote against it. If I where to write a headline for this news story it would be something like this “Bipartisan effort fails to defeat the Obama Economic Plan”.


It makes me wonder what dictionary these people have.  What exactly is their definition of bipartisan. 


Liberal Dictonary

Pronunciation: (primarystress)bimacr-primarystresspärt-schwa-zschwan, -sschwan
Function: adjective
1: Ignoring your constituents and voting the way the liberal press tells you to.

2: Passing a law without any votes from the other party and only votes from your party.

Example:   Even though 11 Democrats voted against the Economic Plan the evil Republicans need to be more bipartisan.


46 percent of Americans did not vote for the Obama plan.  Those 46 percent are still have representation in congress.  They are represented by the Republicans.  These 46 percent believe that tax cuts and less government is the way to a better economic future.  We are already getting a rewrite of history.  Blaming free markets for the current problem with the exact opposite is the case.  It was government messing around with free markets that caused the housing problem.  I still blame the Republicans.  They where cowards and afraid of being called racist so they go along with ridiculous programs.  Letting people use their welfare checks on home loan applications is just madness.  If the government had stayed out of the process the majority of these home loans would not have been made.


Why is it that the auto industry needs a bail out and is failing?  We have government protected unions that control the industry instead of the corporations themselves.  The average manufacturing job in America pays around 30,000 a year.  In the auto industry the same jobs are paying 80,000 a year.  How can we make a competitive automobile in a world economy when the unions demand such high pay and make it almost impossible to fire an employee who is doing a horrible job?  What is the complaint about American cars?   They are too expensive and are not well made.  Sorry to say this is true for the very reasons stated above.  Until the government gets out of the way and lets the auto industry break the unions we will lose auto-manufacturing jobs to other countries.  Countries who can build a better car for less and sell them at reasonable prices to the public. 


So in truth the very things that are being proposed by the Obama plan are the very things that got us into this mess in the first place. Big government and strong unions means one thing for America, failure.



Posted by: White Devil at 03:29 PM

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