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Chinglish March 28, 2008 02:25 AM Missouri Time

ACB's Supplementary English-Chinese Dictionary (P1)

The Angry Chinese Blogger posted this nice little translation dictionary on his page.  I agree with most.   But he did leave a few out. 

1) You're a foreigner, you wouldn't understand
I'm Chinese and I don't understand either, but I'm not going to admit it
2) Because China has 5000 years of history

A) Because I can't think of a better reason right now
B) ..... Just because

3) Things are different here
I know that it's messed-up, but I'm too stubborn to admit it
4) In China people think.....
In China the government tells us to think.....
5) It is a local specialty
A) My mother used to cook it, so now I do
B) It's all that will grow round here since they started dumping toxic waste up stream.
6) It's a little spicy
It's banned by 3 separate UN weapons conventions
7) I think that this restaurant is cleaner than that one
A) The food here will give you flaming diarrhoea, the food there will kill you
B) The kitchen staff here have rabis, SARS, and enteric fever, but I will gain face with the owner if I bring foreign customers here It's suitable for vegetarians
It's made with pork
9) It's suitable for vegans
I don't know what "vegan" means, but here is a nice dish containing chicken, pork and beef
10) Do you have a Chinese girlfriend?
My cousin is ugly but of childbearing age
11) Do you have a Chinese boyfriend?
My mate Wang is hot for foreign girls
12) It is not healthy to talk about that
I could be shot for talking about that
13) Education is important
My Grandfather starved to death when the rice harvest failed and I have no intention of doing the same
14) I think that conditions in rural areas can be very terrible some times
It's like the Song dynasty out there, but the bandits all wear party arm-bands
15) These days
Anytime over the last 20 years
16) Tibet is an integral part of China
A) I can name you the leaders of every Chinese dynasty for the last 5000 years, but not one incarnation of the Dali-Lama
B) If you can have outposts all over the world, why shouldn't we.
17) Taiwan is an integral part of China
They said it on CCTV1, so it must be true
1 The situation in China is much better than it used to be
A) The situation in Beijing and Shanghai is much better than it used to be
B) .... unless you're a farmer
19) Can you use chopsticks?
Are housebroken?

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